Maximum Energy Savings and Guest Comfort

Make a Difference with Proven Technology

SmartEnergy, Telkonet's original energy management platform, introduced Recovery Time technology to the industry. After successful installations in hundreds of thousands of rooms, SmartEnergy has set the standard for occupancy-based energy management and extensive energy savings.

Energy Management Controller - SS1108

The SS1108 mounts either over or into an existing outlet to control PTAC units and record HVAC usage data. To determine occupancy, the SS1108 communicates wirelessly with one or more occupancy sensors (SS2000).

Download the SS1108 data sheet:

Energy Management Thermostat - SS5000

The SS5000 incorporates Telkonet's Recovery Time as a standalone thermostat or as part of a networked energy management solution. To determine occupancy, the SS5000 communicates wirelessly with one or more occupancy sensors (SS2000).

Download the SS5000 data sheet:

Energy Management Occupancy Sensor - SS2000

The SS2000 occupancy sensor monitors both motion and body heat to ensure accurate occupancy detection. Available in both wired and wireless configurations, the SS2000 works with the controller (SS1108) or the thermostat (SS5000) to form a complete in-room energy management solution.

Download the SS2000 data sheet:

A Complete Energy Management Solution

For more information about the SmartEnergy platform, please download the guides for Telkonet SmartEnergy and Networked Telkonet SmartEnergy.

Download the TSE data sheet:
Download the NTSE data sheet:

Product End-of-Life Information

The SS1107, SS5000, and SS2000 products have reached End-of-Life. For more information, please visit our Support page.