Energy Management in Education
Classrooms and Dormitories Need an Intelligent Solution

Learn to Conserve with EcoSmart

As educators of future generations, K12 schools and colleges/universities must find particularly innovative solutions to reduce energy usage. According to data from EnergyStar, the annual energy bill to run America's primary and secondary schools is a staggering $6 billion, while colleges and universities spend close to $2 billion each year on energy. Fortunately, the products in the EcoSmart solution can discreetly reduce equipment runtime and energy consumption in unoccupied classrooms or residence halls by 20-45%.

Energy Management in Higher Education

Student Engagement

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Getting Straight A's in Energy Efficiency

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Telkonet's Energy Management Solution for NYU

Demand Response and Load Shed

With a networked EcoSmart energy management system, dorms or groups of dorms can participate in very lucrative Demand Response opportunities available in capacity constrained markets.

The EcoSmart approach to participation in demand response targets unoccupied dorms. Participation in Load Shed programs is nearly transparent to students and significantly reduces student discomfort and productivity issues typical with other energy management systems. EcoSmart implements strict guidelines to effectively rotate the load, running the air conditioning units in alternating shifts to reduce the peak KW usage without impacting dorm temperature and comfort.

Measurement & Verification

EcoCentral Virtual Engineer tracks room-by-room energy savings and aggregates the total property savings to calculate exactly when the EcoSmart system has paid for itself. Use information from detailed statistics such as runtime versus occupancy or savings or time to fulfill the requirements of ESCO performance contracting programs, qualify for "green" certification, including LEEDŽ certification, or secure rebates from the local utility.

University of California - Davis

"After becoming familiar with how flexible and effective the EcoSmart System is, we decided to deploy the system in Potter and Sereno Halls ourselves. Our HVAC shop is now equipped to program and maintain EcoSmart in house, and we are moving forward with additional installations immediately. EcoSmart products provide excellent energy savings, but they also provide a huge upgrade to resident experience when compared with traditional fan coil controls - they don't just save energy, they look great too."

Dave MacKinnon, Facilities Manager, University of California - Davis

Energy Management in K-12 Classrooms

Occupancy Schedules

Telkonet designed EcoSmart to accommodate a schedule-based energy management system for spaces, like classrooms, with a very regular occupancy schedule. Thermostats will enter Occupied Mode just before teachers and students arrive, ensuring the classroom will be a comfortable temperature to start the day, and enter Unoccupied Mode to allow the classroom temperature to drift after the school day ends. The solution results in significant energy savings without compromising student comfort.

The EcoSmart Override Button

Telkonet understands that not every teacher operates on the same schedule every day. Implementation of an optional Override Button allows for a thermostat on a set schedule to enter Occupied Mode during a time when the schedule calls for Unoccupied Mode. The Override Button puts the classroom into Occupied Mode for a preprogrammed amount of time. If the room has not entered the scheduled Occupied Mode when the time has elapsed, the teacher may press the Override Button again for another period of occupancy. This feature is helpful in situations where teachers may arrive earlier than scheduled to plan lessons, grade assignments, or decorate classrooms, allowing staff to work in comfort without having to reprogram the thermostat.

Use in Portable Classrooms

Telkonet's energy management systems are particularly well suited to portable classrooms. In hot climates, portable classrooms can reach temperatures of up to 120° without air conditioning. The cost of running an air conditioner constantly would be astronomical, and temperatures this high could damage the structures. By employing Telkonet's Recovery Time technology, an EcoSmart intelligent thermostat can keep the temperature within a reasonable range, allowing the structure to return to a preprogrammed setpoint in minutes without constantly running air conditioning in an unoccupied space.

Austin Independent School District

"We are saving energy, reducing our utility bills, increasing the lifespan of the portable buildings [in the district], and helping the City of Austin reduce the amount of energy they need to generate."

Farshad Shahsavary, P.E., C.E.M., Austin Independent School District