Energy Management in Hospitality
Take Control of Operating Expenses

EcoSmart: The Ideal Energy Efficiency Solution

According to a recent EnergyStar report, the cost of energy for America's 47,000 hotels averages $2,196 per available room each year. As the cost of energy continues to increase, energy efficiency projects can provide an immediate and significant reduction in energy expenses. With EcoSmart, Telkonet can reduce equipment runtime in unoccupied rooms by 20-45% while maintaining guest comfort, making the solution uniquely suited for energy management projects in the hospitality market.

Recovery Time™ Technology

Any successful hotelier must focus on achieving the critical balance between guest comfort and operating margins--and on maintaining this balance in the long-term. Telkonet's patented Recovery Time technology allows EcoSmart to maximize energy savings without compromising guest comfort. EcoSmart systems control the temperature within the room as well as the amount of time it takes the HVAC unit to bring that room back to the desired setpoint. Recovery Time allows the temperature in an unoccupied room to drift far enough to harvest energy savings while still being able to return to the occupant's setpoint within the property-defined recovery period.

This dynamic technology sets Telkonet apart from fixed setback energy management systems, where the setback temperature is a fixed temperature or a fixed deviation. Both fixed setback approaches make it extremely difficult to predict how long it will take the room to return to the setpoint after the guest re-enters the room, resulting in potentially lower energy savings and uncomfortable room temperatures.

RecoveryTime Data Sheet

Control Guestroom Humidity

High humidity can wreak havoc at any property. If an in-room HVAC system supports active dehumidification, EcoSmart thermostats may be outfitted with a Relative Humidity sensor that will engage in dehumidification until humidity has fallen below the RH% by a programmable increment. For HVAC systems without an active dehumidification stage, EcoSmart thermostats can engage in an effective passive dehumidification strategy with the use of a "Refresh Cycle" during unoccupied periods. The Refresh Cycle forces the HVAC system into a sustained 10 to 15 minute cooling drive every 4 to 6 hours to keep humidity at manageable levels.

Ease of Integration

Telkonet's open, scalable and standards-based architecture allows the EcoSmart platform to integrate seamlessly with back-office management systems, property management systems, and building management systems as well as additional third-party network architectures. This approach enables the development of customized energy management deployments while protecting existing investments.

For more information about the EcoSmart solution in Hospitality, please download Telkonet's application notes:

Delivering A Balance of Guest Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Measurement & Verification

EcoCentral Virtual Engineer tracks room-by-room energy savings and aggregates the total property savings to calculate exactly when the EcoSmart system has paid for itself. Use information from detailed statistics such as runtime versus occupancy or savings or time to qualify for "green" certification, including LEEDŽ certification, secure rebates from the local utility, or prove that a hotel has achieved brand sustainability standards.