Energy Management in the Military
Meet Government Sustainability Goals with Telkonet

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To date, Telkonet has completed energy management installations in residence halls at several major military bases and a prestigious military academy. The products in the EcoSmart solution routinely reduce equipment runtime and energy consumption in unoccupied rooms by 20-45%. In addition to providing substantial energy savings, Telkonet's technology offers facility management teams the ability to monitor the health and efficiency of HVAC systems.

Complete Control of Energy Usage

Soldiers spend the majority of each day outside residence halls, and without an energy management system, a base will be unable to avoid excessive heating and cooling of these unoccupied spaces. Telkonet helps minimize energy consumption when rooms are unoccupied, assisting military clients in meeting the goals of energy efficiency initiatives and increasing base savings.

When soldiers return to their rooms, Telkonet's Recovery Time technology ensures that the temperature reaches the preferred setpoint within a pre-programmed amount of time. With Night Occupancy Mode, soldiers remain comfortable--even while sleeping. Telkonet's occupancy sensors detect the level of light in the room, and will not needlessly transition into unoccupied mode at night.

While many bases prefer standalone, hardwired solutions, a networked wireless installation allows use of Telkonet's secure web-based EcoCentral Virtual Engineer remote management portal. When an entire residence hall is unoccupied--for example, in the case of soldier deployment--the base facility manager can remotely put all the rooms into deep setback. With a networked energy management system, a setpoint or mode can be changed over EcoCentral Virtual Engineer. Adjusting setback temperature is done easily by grouping new settings into profiles, which can be delivered to multiple thermostats at a time.

Measurement & Verification

Prior to installation, Telkonet will prepare a savings analysis to provide a conservative projection of the savings to be earned. After installation, savings can be confirmed with a standalone system by downloading data directly from the EcoSmart thermostats. With a networked system, EcoCentral Virtual Engineer tracks room-by-room energy savings and aggregates the total property savings to calculate exactly when the EcoSmart system has paid for itself. Information from the detailed statistics can be used to fulfill the requirements of Energy Service Company [ESCO] performance contracting programs, qualify for "green" certification, including LEED certification, or secure rebates from the local utility.

Demand Response & Load Shed

With a networked EcoSmart energy management system, military residence halls can participate in very lucrative Demand Response opportunities available in capacity constrained markets. The EcoSmart approach to participation in demand response targets unoccupied dorms. Participation in Load Shed programs is nearly transparent to soldiers and significantly reduces discomfort and productivity issues typical with other energy management systems. EcoSmart implements strict guidelines to effectively rotate the load, running the air conditioning units in alternating shifts to reduce the peak kW usage without impacting room temperature and comfort.

Military-Specific Installation Requirements

Versatile communications options, including wired, wireless, and hybrid solutions, ensure all types of buildings will find an effective communications solution. Because many installations must be hardwired to meet security standards, Telkonet is prepared to work around the challenges that can accompany a wired installation, working quickly to pull miles of wire to help eliminate unnecessary downtime. Highly trained and experienced installation crews can complete work on the timeframe established by a military base or its contractor. To meet onsite safety requirements, all Telkonet installers have been OSHA-certified in addition to undergoing rigorous product training.

Telkonet's energy management solutions offer flexible configuration of thermostats and occupancy sensors. A door contact is not a required component, but it can be integrated into the in-room solution to help provide complete information about room occupancy. All of the EcoSmart products can qualify for the 'Buy American' provision of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act [ARRA].

Trial Installations

In-house engineers can perform a trial installation to ensure adequate runtime savings prior to a complete system rollout. When one air force base decided to trial Telkonet's energy management solution in 44 dormitory units for over a year, Telkonet installed the product, ensured the systems worked properly, and provided answers to the questions of base personnel. Because that trial produced runtime savings of over 29%, the base was confident enough to move forward with the installation of an additional 844 dormitory rooms. Installation of an energy management system is a long-term commitment, and Telkonet has the ability to prove the worth of its solution prior to the signing of a full contract.

For more information about the EcoSmart solution in the Military, please download Telkonet's application notes:

Achieving Military Precision in Energy Efficiency