Energy Management in Other Markets
EcoSmart is the Right Solution

EcoSmart : Intelligent Energy Management

EcoSmart can reduce equipment runtime and energy consumption in many spaces by 20-45%. Although energy management technology is commonly associated with hotel rooms, the reduction in energy consumption extends to similar spaces.

Healthcare Facilities

EcoSmart allows a long-term stay health care building, such as an assisted living or rehabilitation facility, to ensure resident comfort while reducing energy usage in unoccupied rooms. With a networked energy management system, the facility manager can remotely send groups of unoccupied rooms or entire unoccupied wings into deep setback to see additional savings.

Commercial Buildings

Buildings such as corporate offices can also benefit from the use of an energy management system. When a room or office becomes unoccupied, EcoSmart has several setback options. The system can engage in dynamic setback with Telkonet's Recovery Time technology or revert to preset temperature limits established by the maintenance team. For an office with a very regular occupancy schedule, the energy management system can plan according to the workweek, and adjust room temperature to reach the desired setpoint just before employees arrive each morning.

To preserve the value of existing investments and increase ease-of-use, EcoSmart can easily integrate with Building Management Systems.

Public Housing

The EcoSmart suite of products can be deployed easily in a multi-room unit, using multiple occupancy sensors and thermostats for complete control. In addition to providing substantial reductions in energy usage, the proven technology behind EcoSmart increases system performance and quality of environment.

Measurement & Verification

EcoCentral Virtual Engineer tracks room-by-room energy savings and aggregates the total property savings to calculate exactly when the EcoSmart system has paid for itself. Use information from detailed statistics such as runtime versus occupancy or savings or time to fulfill the requirements of ESCO performance contracting programs, qualify for "green" certification, including LEEDŽ certification, or secure rebates from the local utility.